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Dr. David Bienvenue leverages over 20 years of protein development experience to advance Bonum’s candidates towards the clinic. He joined Good Therapeutics in 2021 then transitioned to Bonum Therapeutics after the acquisition by Roche in 2022.  He previously served as Vice President of Protein Sciences, Analytical and Process Development at Aptevo Therapeutics. He led the Aptevo Early Product Development Team to develop novel bispecific proteins for immuno-oncology and is an inventor on multiple Aptevo patents. His approach to clinical lead selection emphasizes the importance of evaluating developability to de-risk candidates.

Dr. Bienvenue also held positions as Director of Protein Sciences at VLST Corporation and purification development lead at Dendreon Corporation. At Dendreon, he participated in the development of Provenge®, the first FDA-approved immunotherapy for prostate cancer. He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Utah State University.