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Dr. John Mulligan is a scientist and executive with 30 years of experience in research management, drug discovery, technology innovation and company formation.  He was the Founder and CEO of Good Therapeutics until it was acquired by Roche in 2022.  Prior to Good he founded Glycostasis, where he invented a glucose-responsive insulin technology and sold the company to Eli Lilly.  As the Director of Genomics at Darwin Molecular he pioneered a genetic approach to target discovery that yielded an osteoporosis drug target. Romosozumab, an antibody to this target, was recently approved in the US, Europe and Japan for the treatment of osteoporosis.

After leaving Darwin Molecular he founded Blue Heron Biotechnology, an early synthetic biology company that was acquired by Origene, and co-founded the International Gene Synthesis Consortium, an industry group focused on biosecurity and the appropriate regulation of synthetic biology. He received a BS in Biology from MIT, then spent twelve years at Stanford as a Ph.D student with Sharon Long in the Department of Biology, a postdoctoral fellow with Ronald W. Davis in the Department of Biochemistry, and a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics where he helped set up the Stanford Genome Technology Center.